Private credit
Private Credit Investment Series
Frank Danieli Headshot
Frank Danieli
Managing Director
Published 27 May 2024
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Private credit is a rapidly growing asset class in Australia.

It is gaining market share as investors seek a defensive allocation and to diversify away from public market volatility, while delivering outstanding risk-adjusted returns in credit investments that are secured, collateralised or otherwise have strong downside protection features.

Through a series of four insights our Head of Credit Investments and Lending, Frank Danieli, introduces private credit, exploring the wide range of opportunities now available for Australian investors.

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What is private credit

Private credit is a defensive asset class prioritising downside capital protection while generating regular and resilient risk-adjusted returns.

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Income adjusted for inflation

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Potential for capital protection

Diversification benefits

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What is private credit?

A private credit 101 for new investors, defining the basics of the asset class, key benefits of investing and diverse range of market segments.

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Why private credit in this new era of investing?

Outlines the appeal of private credit – greater investor control, capital protection, and the ability to tailor investment strategies – and why it is an attractive alternative to improve returns and reduce portfolio risk as interest rates remain higher.

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The case for real estate credit

An overview of real estate credit including its basic principles of credit security through the registered first mortgage, defensive nature, diversification benefits and inflation-adjusted, reliable income returns.

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Global private credit solutions

Frames the compelling opportunities available for Australian investors to access deep, diverse, and mature international private credit markets, particularly in the US, the world’s largest credit market.

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